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I am an associate level Licensed Mental Health Counselor. I am Supervised by Alexandra K Onno Ph. D., LMHC.  My Masters in Psychology is from (LIOS) the Seattle campus of Saybrook University.

I trained at Seattle Therapy Alliance and have completed multiple trainings on the therapeutic integration of domestic violence education, specific immigration issues and social justice.

I have a background in communications and art history. My BA is from Trinity Western University in Langely, BC Canada.

I am a reader, a researcher

and I have a strong background in child development.

I am an introvert who loves community, being sensuous, playful, finding pleasure and joy.

I am passionate about seeing and being seen, being honest and vulnerable. I am terrified by all of that,

and yet I continue to pursue it.

My passion is holding space for womxn to find their center. For couples and families to find their home. Allowing the other the comfort and safety to come out

and be fully seen,

to hold the tensions together,

the pain and the passion,

the wounds and the celebrations,

to find again the places of connection,

to help mediate the anxiety as we move through the long process it takes a system to change its shape.  

I am passionate about making shifts in the world of therapy, how it is practiced and engages in systemic oppression.


It is my commitment to continue to learn, to continue to question: to address the gaps, to challenge my own whiteness, to work my own privilege and to stay engaged in the messy, difficult places where my own intersections smashes up together-the privilege and the disadvantage. 

I am a ceremonialist,

I live surrounded by alters, 

Ceremony is filled with symbolism

and I am entranced by

the emerging pattern,

I am fascinated with the shadow, waking dreams, and synchronicity.

 I am committed to presence

-to a tended awareness of my body,

the world and the way they merge together.

I am dedicated to marking transitions,

to hold sacred the space of transformation, and to doing it in culturally-affirming ways.  

I love this work

and am continually inspired and

in awe of the resilience, creativity, empowerment and beauty of those who have been wounded,

oppressed and made to feel voiceless.

I am honored to be a part of the journey.  

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