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Image by Ravi Sharma
Image by Ravi Sharma

The Invitation

What sparks your passion?

What makes you feel alive,




Where are the places where your very bones

are sad and weeping,

trauma-  pulsing through your system like fire, oscillating with deafening numbness? 

Where are you breaking from the weight of oppression,

the dismantling of your very limbs?

What brings you back to life?

Causes you to move your feet,

your hands

once more;

to get up and rise again,

to begin anew,

an adventure yet unknown?

What is your resilience?

How have your dear ones  survived?

What would allow you freedom,

connection and love? 

The chance to trust again?

Where does your journey intersect with others?

For we are an intricate system, dependent on connection for survival,

and It is a political act to rise up and meet.

Changing one part of the system is where it begins. 

We were never meant to be alone.

 I believe this work is greater than the individual work, In community is how we change


this is where it starts...

For when we find our flower,

our own deeper, connected, consensual self than

we can find others.   

What would allow you to bloom?  

To open up

and thrive,

to find your life source,

your center,

the roots

the ground

As your buds begin to push out,

the leaves widening to the sun, 

what will ignite your passion

 embolden you as it softens you.

Where will your boldness meet your compassion?

How can we sit

together and learn to stay

long enough?

Long enough at the thresholds to see what will emerge.

when the death has decayed and

life begins again

to bloom?  

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