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Individual Counseling 

It takes connection with another, an intricate dance of safety and risk in order to heal our wounds. It is my honor to do that work with you. To support you as you find your way back to center.   As you explore what it is like to feel whole. 

Tapping into your own reserves of strength,  empowerment and joy. 

My approach is relational, trauma-informed, neuropsychological and attachment based. It is rooted in the present moment and in the wisdom of the body. It is system based. We will look at how the systems in your life impact you and your relationships, both internally and externally. 

Most importantly this is your work and I am here to join you as you continue your healing and growth. 


My approach is rooted in the present moment and relational. I have a neuropsychological and relational understanding of trauma and use somatic awareness, intersectional feminism and psychodynamic and family systems theory to understand how your mental health is impacted by both internal and external systems. 

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