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Audre Lorde
Individual Counseling
My approach is rooted in the present moment and relational. I have a neuropsychological and relational understanding of trauma and use somatic awareness, intersectional feminism and psychodynamic and family systems theory to understand how your mental health is impacted by both internal and external systems. 

*It is important to note that Stan Tatkin Asserts "if you are in an abuse relationship, you must get out!" However only you will know what is best and safest for you, and no one has the right, or ability to tell you what to do. Relational therapy is contraindicated in relationships where there are issues of power and control. Family-system work is only appropriate when there is a base of equality, respect and safety.  With folx who may be in abusive relationships, Trauma-informed, harm-reduction and client-empowered models of individual work are the best way to engage relational distress. 

Couples and Relational Counseling
My work is deeply influenced by attachment theory and relational models such as Stan Tatkin's Psychobiological Approach to Couples Therapy and Sue Johnsons's Emotionally Focused Therapy.   
I have rich experience as a mom,
step-mother and professional
nanny for over 15 years, all of 
which I draw on.
I have a rich back ground in child development and family dynamics
and often utilized The Circle of
Security Model and Hand in Hand Parenting.
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